Video for Your Business

Why Do I Need a Video for My Business ?

Need More Customers?

Video is your answer.

● They raise your Google ranking.

● You will reach more customers.

● Potential investors are more likely to approach you because of your unique and creative marketing technique.

● The use of video can create interest in collaborations.

● You can showcase your work 24/7 all over the world.

There has never been a better time

Standing out above the intense competition created by the 2020 pandemic is now vital.

There are now fantastic tools and technical advances to make animated videos affordable and quicker to produce. We have striven to keep the cost down to a very affordable level, whilst delivering an impressive end result that delivers.

Now I work with a team of experienced and talented people, combining many years of experience working in different areas of the film and video business. We seek to create content that not only drives more sales, but also connects with a wider audience, often tailoring the content to be attractive to different audiences.

Epics team members work around the world on award winning films with many independent production companies, broadcasting companies and movie studios.

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Get Your Business Seen Worldwide

Explaining a Concept

The world is changing, and video is the way forward for marketing. Having a bespoke video will set you apart from your competitors, and save you a great deal of time and money in other marketing costs.

Videos hook your audience in a way that nothing else can. It is the best way for your business to promote its core features, and quickly communicate the magnitude of your business to your clients or potential investors.

What We Do

Making sure we are right for you is our priority. Over telephone or Zoom, you'll tell us about your goals and desired outcome. If you're happy to go ahead, we’ll talk more about your business concept and your target customers.


Are you looking for an investment? Or do you want more people to experience the unique product or service that you have to offer?

Epics is here to help. We make your vision come to life through a bespoke, professional animated film.

Video Animation Explainer Video

Show your clients your vision using Animated video

Need To Explain ?

● Explain your product or service.

● People will know, like and trust you.

● Videos solve a problem for customers.

● They spark investment interest.

● Viewers are hooked and want to find out more.

● Video gives your business a more defined tone and personality.

● Adds some humour!

How We Work

With your input, we will outline a path for your animation. Together, we choose the direction for the film, and Epics will do all of the work to make your vision happen. And, because you’re involved the whole time, you’ll require very few revisions, if any.

The Process

  1. ● Pre-Production Discovery.

  2. ● Plan the style and aims for the video.

  3. ● Scriptwriting.

  4. ● Complete the Storyboard.

  5. ● You send us your logo, and any other details we need for the video.

  6. ● Record a professional voiceover.

  7. ● We source suitable music and specific sound effects.

  8. ● Animate the video.

  9. ● Revisions if necessary.

  10. ● Motion Graphics.

  11. ● Editing and Post-production.

  12. ● Delivery and sign off.

Planning and Script

Planning and Script Writing


Creating the animation

Editing and Post

It all comes together

We handle the film from the earliest stage until delivery.

Engaging an audience is critical, and we have many different means to do so in our arsenal. We can produce whiteboard animation, our most popular option, or perhaps a video with carefully selected stock images edited together.

You will receive an end product of high cinema-quality, professional voiceover, music, and visuals at HD quality. Your video will also have keywords embedded, as well as a host of other background elements, which boost search engine optimisation. Essentially, your video will be on the top page when a customer searches for anything relating to your product or service.

YouTube Channel

It would be best if you had a YouTube channel, it's great for advertising and creating a brand voice. We will set one up for you, using some industry-secret techniques to heighten your channel's success and growth.

Let's talk!

Who We Are

Image of John Keedwell

John Keedwell

John Keedwell

For many years, I have worked within film and TV. Working through the ranks I started as a "Runner" and Driver, then Loader and Focus Puller, then onto Camera Operator and then Cinematographer. And between 2005 and 2013 I used specialist high-speed video cameras to study car crash testing.

In around 40 years, I filmed documentaries, dramas, music promos, commercials, movies, high-speed video and had worked with music programming and photography in 70 countries.

After this, I was ready to embrace new challenges. That's when I created Epics Academy. Then I wrote my first book.

Now, I'm here to help you.

Speak To Camera

Initially, I wanted to help entrepreneurs and businesses communicate their ideas confidently when speaking to a video camera. How a person who exuded confidence could suddenly clam up when in front of a camera fascinated me, and I had seen it happen countlessly in 30 years!

After a lot of research combined with my personal experiences, I found the magic recipe for speaking to camera with confidence and charisma. I developed my online courses and one-to-one coaching, and have since helped many people in business talk to a camera.


Epics.biz is a venture which began in early 2020. Initially, it filled a niche for producing animated videos to enhance the viewer experience. Over time though, this morphed into creating short whiteboard animations for businesses to capture the attention of potential investors and clients.

Then, the COVID crisis happened, and there was even more reason for businesses to advertise through the world of animated film. Not only does it attract new clients, but it ensures companies maintain a web presence. Start-ups and established companies alike were able to grab the attention of a broader range of clients when using video to advertise.

Recent Work

Here is a recent example

Lockdown forced many businesses to close, including Jeunesse Medi-Spa. They had no idea when they would be able to open again.

That's where Epics came in. Script, voiceover, editing and delivery were all done remotely, without any physical contact.

Because of the video, Jeunesse Medi-Spa immediately accumulated a new customer base, in addition to their ongoing clients, and had an income even when they were closed. Animated video is a compelling means of advertisement. Without our help, they may not have been able to stay afloat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Email us on the button above. You'll receive an automatic email from us. We will then follow up with a more detailed look at your company idea and how we can translate it to a video.

How does it work?

Once you have contacted us, we will organise a 'Discovery Session'. You'll tell us your goals for your start-up company. You'll let us know your vision for the animation, and provide us with visual elements like your logo and corporate colours. We will approve a script, either one created by us or you can provide your own if you'd prefer. Then, we get started with creating your video by recording the voiceovers and making the animation. You'll receive a low-resolution copy for approval. If there are no changes, we'll send you the high-resolution copy and a web copy with all of the SEO magic it needs to boost engagement.

How much content can fit in 30 seconds?

How long is a piece of string! We include what you require, as opposed to restricting the film to a certain length. Like all stories, it will have a beginning, middle and end; identifying the problem, presenting your product/service as the solution, and concluding with a compelling call to action. We can advise on the length of the finished article based on the content and how many words used.

Can you use my script if I already have one?

Absolutely! Many provided scripts are well written, but without animation in mind, so we are happy to help make sure everything is aligned to work in the animated Explainer video style.

Can you use our company colours/assets?

Yes! We always incorporate any fonts, logos, colours, or other brand standards you have so the video is the best possible representation of your brand.

I have my own illustrations, can we use them in the video?

The short answer is yes. More often than not, though, the images need to be in a scalable vector format so that they look crisp in video form. If they aren't, they bring down the quality of your video, which can make people think negatively about your business. We will do our best to recreate your visuals in a vector format.

I want to talk to someone first.

No worries! Send us an email to john@epics.biz, and we can schedule a call.

What if I don't like the video?

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and with each package, we include the opportunity for potential revisions. It's a collaborative process; you'll have an idea of what to expect from the start so there won't be any nasty surprises.

Is it really only £897(+VAT) for a 30-second high definition animated video?

Yes, this is a limited-time promotion we are currently offering to build up some testimonials and more portfolio examples. We hope that you will like the video so much that you will provide us with a great testimonial!

How does the revision work?

There are two or three free revisions for every stage in the process, except for the voiceover stage, which has one. Once you approve an element such as the script or storyboard, any unused revisions are forfeited. You can, however, get unlimited revisions for an agreed price.

Do you provide support after production?

Yes. We save all assets and project files just in case you'd like to make any changes or adjustments in the future. For example, if you change your logo or slogan.

Social Media Traffic

● 82% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2022. *Fact: Cisco group estimate.

● YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, and almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day. In an average month, eight out of ten 18 to 49 year-olds watch YouTube.

● Google owns YouTube, so a video on YouTube is rated highly in Google searches.

● YouTube, along with Instagram and Facebook, are three of the top social media websites on the internet. The majority of shareable

● If you don't have engaging videos talking about your business, you're missing out on an avalanche of social media traffic.

● With a fun and engaging video, you can get people to find out about your business and share it with their friends on social media.

● Get new clients and investors directly from social media platforms using the power of videos!

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